Wednesday, June 2, 2010

O's Dinamic Duo "Kitty Cass & Dita Vompash"

Vompash or To vomit and kiss (pash) at the same time 
is a word that i've always heard from her except her zombieness :P
Not for being disguise or rude, but for unique expression from her, 
when she feels happy, excited or not, you could't tell o.O
So the word was gimme the idea for creating her vompash face :D

( face picture originaly taken from Dita, edited by O )

 This is my Mini Cass with her big PAW, 
do not underestimate her being mini
cause inside there is a big heart and courage 
to stand up and fight for her friends no matter what.
That's a little thing i've learn about her until now :D

( face picture originaly taken from Cassie, edited by O )


  1. si eneeng teh kepikiran ajah anenehan bginih!
    hebat neng! laik laik laik laik laik!